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#1. My favorite merch page on the internet: (but I think his fee for personal services is a little high for his age).
#2. Maybe because he’s so famous, but I sort of overlooked Yo-Yo Ma and didn’t own any of his recordings. Last month, however, I rented the three volumes of Inspired By Bach
and realized he’s without a doubt the best cellist I’ve heard, at least playing Bach. I think his cello suites are better than Pablo Casals, despite all the latter’s historical significance, WWII story etc.
Also, leave it to Canada to pick up the pieces and leave it for Boston to screw up what would have been one of their best moves.



#1. The inimitable and magnetic Lennox Pawle in one of my all time favorite movies, David Copperfield (1935):

#2. If you have a fascination with rural and Appalachian America (especially from the 1970s-early 2000s), states including Kentucky and Idaho, and most of all, potbelly pigs, as I do, you may find this documentary fascinating:
I found it really touching watching it when it came out when I was 12. One of the first things I did when the pandemic hit was sit down and properly organize my scattered internet bookmarks. I found this there and rewatched it, still captivated.
It deserves viewing for the scene involving a drunk potbelly pig alone.

#3. While if I had to pick one single greatest movie of all time, I’d probably have to say The Godfather I, I would have to also add that, despite this fact, it is my sincere opinion that no one has been more perfectly cast and inhabited a role more naturally and phenomenally than Alicia Silverstone did in playing Cher in the 1995 classic Clueless.

#4. I am unable to track down a certain recording I heard in Glenn Gould: Extasis which is stressing me out to no end, but this is also very good and in the vein of what I’m looking for:

Revisiting this article was fun; insights on Dowland and classical rhetoric pertaining to this Nocturnal analysis:’s_Nocturnal_Article.pdf


And before that, it was this tearjerker. Besides it being a great song, I think I like it so much because I was exposed to it from seeing Paul cry.
Before I go any further down the Beatles rabbit hole I’ve been in since April ’19, I will spare too many posts and have put all my Beatles observations into ONE BIG POST and then I’ll probably never mention them again on here. We’ll see.
READ BIG BEATLES POST HERE. And leave any replies in the comments.

The song I can’t stop listening to every day for the past few months:


I finished my Turgenev Notes at last. Check it.



Oh, hello. Didn’t see you there. I hope you enjoy my blog of beautiful things.

George Harrison & Berluti are the pinnacle of beauty. If there were only documentation of George wearing Berluti the world would really be complete. Unfortunately, I don’t believe he knew of the brand.

*Please do let me know if you know of any documentation of George wearing Berluti*

You may be wondering why there is nothing but George here and beautiful shoes.
Well, if looking at these images doesn’t give you a sense of warmth and satisfaction and “wow,” then frankly I just don’t know what can.

Bringing me to my topic of discussion. #19 (from bottom) is repeated because it is proof that all men peak at 19.

I’d like to ask you, the reader, assuming we can all agree that humans, as all things in nature, have a natural peak, what age do you think men, on the whole, peak?

I could provide great detail on why my number is 19, but I would love to hear yours first.

A more complicated question is, what age do women peak?

Maybe it’s just because I’m a woman but I feel like there’s a peak pre having a child if one does, and around the child phase. Or maybe I’d just like to think my peak is not passed.

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  1. I’m deff gonna hit my peak in my late 30s or mid 40s. I haven’t been able to figure out a peak age for men yet as all ages have their drawbacks.